The Aesthetic

April PametickyHonestly and realistically, I have an eclectic sense of taste and space.  Expect to see Young Adult reads mixed in with Poetry and Romance (I will be sure to specify the difference *wink), links to my favorite sites travelling on the web, and excerpts from my own writing.  I will limit pontification as much as possible, and I’ll make every effort to keep my sense of humor in tact.  I hope to be at least moderately entertaining, and while I may make a sales pitch or two, I will warn you before hand.

Chances are, if you’ve found your way here, then you already know a little something about me.  But for those accidentally stumbling by, I am a writer, a teacher, a mom,  and a poet, not necessarily in that order.  I am an expert at none of these things.


One thought on “The Aesthetic

  1. hf says:

    Mrs. Pameticky,

    In the highest regards, I have not forgotten being your student. As a 7th grader, I could feel your passion pouring into your mini lectures, and talks you would give to the class (usually sitting cross-legged on a table or stool). As I felt connected to your motivation to bring children up to an understanding, a whole new dimmension of the mind left my naked eye, and shined through to my mind’s eye. I remember being infatuated with poetry after the first few weeks of taking your course. Although my skill level was not yet developed, the risk of failure lost it’s value which led me to experimenting with success. I just wanted to write. I am still that way, and I do have to add that I no longer write things like, “And my brother was there acrossed the room. He looked like he was in doom.” Instead,
    “As the souls of my feet cling to the sky’s blue color, I will run.. Aimless into galaxies of light. Dreams and wishes out loud speak the air and lull the burning stars afloat.. Feelings of many mix to one, seeping to the core of heart. Arise to endless passion and forevermore the motive of journey. For one to overcome is to gain ability to lift life’s limits and move through planets of state. Conquering is the sun; Reaching are those longing for the burn of life, love, and the abilty to run. Run Free.”
    I think about you often, not in a weird or distasteful sense, rather out of sincerety and thankfulness. This year I will be graduating with Secondary Education in mind. As I was thinking about finals, I totally forgot that in middle school you all don’t take them! I usually visit Mr. Couch, who is like my dad. I thought of you, and hoped it was a possiblity to have lunch sometime. I will be over there in 2 weeks, (Dec. 20th & 21st.). Oh gee, I hope you get this by then! Anyways, you really have inspired me.
    P.S. Regarding your Aha Moment, I would say that your “peircing and tattoo” style, in my first impression, was absolutely what engaged my cooperation from the first day. I knew, from then on, you were a teacher who stood for something and you were strong enough to break the common teacher stereo type, adding to the staff, a little Oklahoman pepper! 🙂

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