Pantoum from Penheadpress!

Today has been a day of steps and fun.  First, a big “Thank You” to William of Penheadpress.  I often struggle to explain to my students [and sometimes my friends] that poetry doesn’t have to be suicidal drivel best read at midnight with cigar and cognac in hand.  The playful spirit is as authentic as the mourning heart.  Pen Head Press, an online journal, takes submissions/suggestions, and then crafts a variety of poetic forms from our inspiration.  Follow the link to see the creation made from my two lines.

This is a unique collaborative experience, and I encourage others to have a little fun and try it as well.  The challenge of working in others’ ideas into lines that flow and make sense is amazing.

Sand River and Other Places I’ve Been

After months of review, revision, deliberation, and amputation, I feel like my first chapbook of poetry finally has cohesion.  While quite small with only eighteen poems, they feel like a unit, happy siblings fighting from the backseat of the car… but still family.  The next big step is to begin the submission process and quite frankly, that process is daunting.  However, I believe that writing is meant to be shared.  I’ll start with traditional venues and keep you posted on the process.

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