Bartlett Arboretum Writing Marathon 5

Meg Rice is one of the most delightful people I know.  She shares of herself freely and openly–and without ego, nurtures and supports her fellow writers.  Always up for the next adventure, this elementary teacher and former Teaching Instructor for the National Writing Project takes solace from the beauty of the Bartlett Arboretum.  She generously shared the photos of her time as well and is a proud supporter of Bubble Therapy.

This poem was written at Bartlett Arboretum, after scaling the new south-bridge, with some of my favorite writer friends, one fine muddy morning in May

 Sally Said We Could
Meg Rice

Sally said we could;
Ignore the yellow caution tape,
Ignore the mud,
Explore the place.

Fashioned of tile
And curved concrete,
Bartlett’s newborn-bridge,
Spans Euphrates Creek.

Like a startled cat,
Joins mud to mud,
From last night’s storm.

In approaching the
Bridge’s uphill side,
Mud invites our feet
To slip and slide.

We traverse the
Muddly-puddly ramp.
Our shoes fear more,
Than getting damp.

With every step,
Mud bonds to shoe.
Inch by inch taller,
On layers of goo.

So new is this bridge,
It still lacks side-rails.
We might slip at the ridge,
If our balance fails.

Pitching forward at the peak,
Toward the other side,
I glide with a shriek,
In a downhill slide.

“Hey, don’t fall in.”
My friends all yell.
That’s not a story,
You’ll want to tell.

And mud caked shoes,
Five more followed after
Feet thick with goo.

Slippery morning adventure,
Exhilarating, indeed!
A lesson learned will endure,
Do not follow my lead!


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