Clutter and the New Year

I like the New Year—mainly because I force myself to think about where I really want to be… a year from now.  I’m old enough to admit that I’m not real concerned with certain kinds of ‘resolutions.’  I just want to be some better version of me a year from now.  I am and always will be a “work-in-progress.”

Are you making writer resolutions for yourself?  I’ve been thinking about where I’d like to be—and I definitely want Water’s Edge on the shelves by the Christmas season next fall.  So some goals relate to getting elements of those stories complete for two different projects.  Maybe my writer resolution this year should be to just finally finish what I’ve started.

As to other resolutions, I’d like to keep things simple: Eat Better, Pray Better, & Love Better… just Be Better (thanks Ms. Gilbert).  What are your plans?  Just remember–don’t clutter your life with too much furniture–that way, there’s room to move freely when you need to.

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