Moving Forward

When I first began blogging through this site, I envisioned a place to share my work and my journey as a writer.  At the time, it didn’t occur to me that I would be one of thousands all doing the exact same thing [don’t we all think our journey is unique?].  I also didn’t expect that the arrival of my second daughter and teaching full time would keep me so busy.

Jesus.  I sound naive.  Frankly, I still want to share my work and my journey and I’ve learned to acknowledge that I’m not, in fact, a special snowflake.  And when loss came to visit, I needed to set some things down to focus on that.

But now it’s time to be back in motion.  My work and writing have significantly shifted.  I’ll still be writing and sharing poetry.  But it’s also time to create a space where my fellow writers can be showcased.  And it’s to that endeavor that I hope to spend the majority of my time.  I hope to launch River City Poetry in the fall of 2017.

Turning 40 is significant.  I thought I would be more fully ‘realized’ as an artist. (I’m snorting to write that)

And yet, I’m not sorry for any of the deviations my path took through my 30s.  I started teaching public school.  I have two daughters now.  We moved to the ‘burbs.  And I have two chapbooks that, while I’m not completely satisfied with them, I can honestly say they were published by presses that believed in my work–and that’s no small thing.  It’s also no small thing that after teaching public school for ten years, over 1000 students have passed through my classroom.  And those students have inspired me to continue pushing as an artist, to balance my personal (private), creative life with my intensely external, energetic life as an educator.

I’m glad you’re still on this journey with me.

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