So many great things!  Lately, even though I totally overloaded my plate [see previous buffet post] each item seems to be feeding the next item.  I’m so proud of how things are unfolding!

First–River City Poetry goes Live today!  Big thanks to Michele Battiste, Roy Beckemeyer, Raylyn Clacher, Kyle Laws, Kevin Rabas, and Art Zilleruelo for contributing to our inaugural issue.  Their work is beautiful and sets a foundational tone for something that I hope grows and grows.

And there is still work!  I’m also pleased to be working with Harvester Arts on the Wichita Broadside Project.  This collaborative partnership means more work developed that showcases the ICT.  And we are definitely looking for more poets and artists!  Join us on May 24 @ 5:30 @ Harvester Arts for an information meeting.  Bring samples of your work to share.  Partnerships will form.