I just might Despise the Daily Writing Practice

1/29/23 I just might despise the daily practice mantra. That’s right. I’m saying it. I’m acknowledging it. And I’m giving myself permission: it’s really okay to hate the taste of this ‘medicine.’  What I haven’t decided yet is if it works. Writing Daily Both Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg swear by it. Both prescribe to … Continue reading I just might Despise the Daily Writing Practice

Something (Not) New

I make fun of writers who blog about the creative drive. I poke fun of folks who pontificate on and on as if they’ve figured s*** out. Here I am, being an a**hole, writing about the creative drive–but I’m going to be honest and assure you that I have NO IDEA what I’m doing.

Road Church

Road Church began as a concept introduced by Erica Baker--and April became fascinated by the "vestibule" of the car and all it's possibilities.  This appeared as a mini-chapbook for River City Poetry, a Wichita-based online poetry journal, which April currently edits.  The poem is now available here, in its entirety.   Both images are the work … Continue reading Road Church