My Aha Moment

I have been a teacher now for five years and feel I’ve crossed a milestone professionally.  Last summer, in large part due to my class blog, I was contacted by Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment campaign.  I was both thrilled and honored, especially because I realized the contact was made because I attempted to use technology to engage my students.  I really had to gather my thoughts to articulate the honor I feel about influencing young minds.  I loved that even a year later, I couldn’t disagree with a single sentiment expressed in the video.  Now if you choose to follow the link below and watch the short video, I highly encourage you to watch other, far more inspirational videos–then script out what you would say!

On another note, I do keep a class blog for my students and parents.  My district is reconstructing technology so that e-items like blogs are on a supported platform, so I apologize for the ‘under-construction’ vibe currently.  But feel free to visit: