Birthdays ROCK

Because it’s Michele Battiste’s Birthday and since her book has been a wonderful companion, I thought I’d post a poem inspired by one of her own pieces.

Would You be Upset?

Would you be upset
to know that I read
your poetry in the bathtub,
in water hot enough to steep tea,
the pages curling inward,
forward, my left arm propped
on the cool edge,
the lotus petals of my hand
assuming Savasana.
Would it bother you
to know that with little regard
for the ink of your odd cartography,
I am the whale,
the water sluicing down
my twitching abdomen,
that place I watched
so diligently as my daughter
kicked and slugged and warred
with my bladder.
I hope that you do not mind
that I have taken you
with me to that sacred space
where I work the crossword
and watch my knees wrinkle
in a presage of things to come.