June Sciortino: Featured Poet

June Sciortino—Featured Poet

One of the great side-effects about writing together through the month of April has been the connections I’ve been lucky to make with other poets from around the world.  June was gracious enough to share some of her work with me, and I’m passing it along to you.

When asked, June shared this about herself: “ I have always written poetry,” she writes,  “from time to time, when something touches me.”  She admits that she only became serious about poetry after her daughter died.  “I had been caring for her, so was completely devastated and lost. I decided to join a creative writing course and at the beginning wrote short stories … but was never satisfied until I rediscovered poetry.”  She goes on to say, “It has helped me cope with my loss because I can pour my sorrows into poems for her (these of course are private).”

I hope you enjoy her work—I certainly have!  To visit her blog, go here: http://googlepoet.blogspot.co.uk/

Behind the Door (inspired by Prompt #14, Behind the Door)

Behind the door
lie in tatters
the bits n’ bobs
our yesterday
dreams thwarted
love departed
but yet in mind
buried in heart
behind the door


If my name was Aloysius,
All I made would be delicious,
I’d bake a cake so auspicious,
That would also be nutritious,
Oh Aloysius, so ambitious.


It might seem to you that I’m wasting my time.
When trying to find a most excellent rhyme.
Well it’s my time I’m wasting, now is that a crime?


Naughty proposals, wild laughter,
Tasty food, desserts to lust after,
Lager and wine, loads no doubt,
Stag night? Oh no, it’s girls night out.


I could cry a hundred trillion tears,
For all those lost and lonely years.
Trillions are simply not enough,
Without you life’s been very tough.

Need some space to think it through.
Chaotic thoughts — but what is true.
Time to gather done facts together.
Before I blow and lose my tether.

One gaunt wrinkled stubbly face,
Plus a toothless crooked smile.
Include a giant chip chocolate cookie,
Rejoice for it made his day worthwhile.


When love was blind, one’s desire heartfelt,
Dreams became saturated, swamped by intense needs.
You wept as aspirations vanished in the storm.