Prompt # 24: Letters You Never Send

Prompt #24: Letters You Never Send

Several years ago, I began my own little series of poems called “Letters I never send.”  This gave me an outlet to address people that irritated me or did me ‘wrong.’  Often, these letters were written to people who were relatively anonymous.

Here’s an example:

Dear Burger King Drive-thru Guy,

Thank you for not including
napkins.  I don’t know why I
even bother to ask for them.
I never need them when I drip
Whopper dribble on my lap,
you know, on my way to that
important meeting where I want
people to take me seriously.

You can also take on a much more serious tone, writing a letter to someone that you never intend to send because of all the complications that would result.  You could even take on the persona of another person, writing a letter you imagine they would send.