A Night in Verse

While the writing has certainly slowed down to the inevitable pressure of teaching, I have still been polishing up poems, dusting off those tired pieces in hopes of sending some work out!

I am also pleased to announce that my poem, “It Started One Morning on a Bridge,” has been selected for the November issue of Naked City.  This particular poem is part of a series based on my imaginary alter-ego–A 30-something professional who made some very bad decisions in her life.

As an added plus, Naked City hosts A Night in Verse, an open-mic featuring the poet of the month.

On November 17th at 7:00pm at Naked City Gallery [121 N. Mead, Suite 104], I will have the opportunity to read my poetry.

I am searching through the piles for things I want to share. Then afterward, local poets (the REAL talent) will sign up for open mic.  To see the latest issue and to learn more information, visit:


Last year, another poem from the same series was printed in the August 2010 issue of Naked City: Afternoon at the Donut Whole.  I thought someone might enjoy seeing it here.

Afternoon at the Donut Whole

Part I

I can see Big Ed from Hydraulic,
and I wonder why we can’t do this
at his place or mine.

I wonder if he’s ready for me to meet his mom.

Does the wattle control the sound a rooster makes,
how loud would that be if they just
put a siren in the belly?

Part II
The smells find me as soon as I swing open the door—
crisp maple bacon, peanut butter, fresh coffee beans
I want tea,
something cinnamon
that makes me feel alluring and sophisticated.

I want him to smell me and the cinnamon
and think of Christmas morning and presents.
Tea is grown up,
and I am SOOO an adult now.

Part III
I sit across the enameled face of Mr. Rogers,
stare into the eyes of my love,
my soul mate,
and I want his face to crack like a Braum’s ice cream sugar cone
in the hands of a two-year-old…

The bastard.
I will never meet his mom.