Fabulous and Sweaty Sales

I find garage sales typically sweaty, hot messes.  I love to shop/thrift store hunt and spend my money.  I hate organizing any effort to recoup my losses… but today’s efforts have been fun, thanks in large part, to my wonderful friend Emily.  She also helped me spend more of my own money by bringing fabulous items over to sell.  The idea at our house isn’t really to make money, although I suppose that’s why many people do it.  Honestly, we’re just hoping that some of our junk will be useful to

someone else.  I actually gave away several items. (What?! I have a soft spot for bored kids dragged around by their moms)  The idea, however, is to simplify life–get rid of the items that seem to be cluttering up my thinking space.  And if I make a little money… well, then, all the better to spend at the DAV.

Wichita was actually featured on Oprah’s Road Trip last summer.  She played Bingo… and then hit the garage sales.  You can watch the video by following the link below:


What I found hysterical about Oprah’s stop was that the national spotlight on Wichita didn’t feature the things we’re really proud of.  I like bingo.  I like ham sandwiches, too.  But I just want to sigh over the bingo/garage sale stint.  Surely there were more unique things to do here.

If you’re in the area, you know, just passing through like Oprah, feel free to stop by our Fabulous Garage Sale.  Perhaps you’ll find a treasure of your own to carry back with you.  You can also see the facebook invite and pictures of great items here:


I’ll also be updating on Twitter when the big/popular items go.  Follow me @aprilinwichita