A Thousand Words a Day May Keep the Therapist Away

I had the pleasure and joy of joining my friends and alum from the South Central Kansas Writing Project (affiliated with the National Writing Project).  We were invited to present our creative work during the Friday luncheon of the Kansas Association for Teachers of English.  It was an honor to share my poetry among such prestigious company.  Pictures will be up soon.  http://web.jccc.net/orgs/kate/

 November is going to be a stellar month!  My poem, “Teachering Manifesto,” appears in the November installment of Poetry for the Masses.  This excellent little art project partners submissions from around the country into a quarterly broadside.  Poets then receive 25 copies to be distributed around their own neighborhoods and burgs.  My work may find its way to a happy little coffee shop in Ohio or a subway pillar in New York—awesome!  To see a PDF version of the broadside, click: http://www.poetryforthemasses.org/

 I’ve already mention that I’ll be reading at NakedCity Gallery as the featured poet on November 17th, and I’m absolutely thrilled about this!  I’ve been trying to get my talented husband to make a flyer for me, so when I have one available, I’ll also post that.

 After making a slew of October submissions, I’ve decided it’s time to concentrate on the writing.  It’s funny how much time can be taken up in reviewing journals, becoming familiar with publications, formatting material into submission requirements (vastly different from venue to venue—even if submitting what is ultimately the exact same chapbook).

 While I had initially decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month, I realized that writing a memoir really doesn’t really fit into the NANOWrimo philosophy.  I also feel incredibly intimidated about finding enough time to write each day on a project I haven’t given any foresight or planning toward. The idea of 50,000 words by the end of the month gives me an anxiety brick in my chest.  So I’ve decided to create my own NANO requirements.  http://www.nanowrimo.org/

 1000 words a day toward any of the projects I’ve been working on.  This might mean 1000 words toward the memoir, or 1000 words on the young adult novella that’s only half-way complete.  This may also mean 1000 words toward the scary story set I’ve decided to create.  Each project is currently occupying brain space right now, so it seems fitting to give myself some lee-way.  I hope to periodically share work through the blog, but am NOT counting BLOGGING toward my totals, so I’ll probably leave it for excerpts on Sunday. 

There is definitely something therapeutic about writing, whether I’m working on Fiction or Poetry.  By the same token, however, when I have a list of a gazillion things to do, and I feel added guilt and inadequacy by all that I CAN’T accomplish, sometimes keeping the goal small and manageable really is the ticket.