April is National Poetry Month

npm2013_logoJack Heffron, author of The Writer’s Idea Book, says that “writing is an act of hope.”  Each time we make the effort, we are taking that huge emotional risk that what we write may be worthless.  But if we never take that risk, we never gain the chance to write something truly great.

April is National Poetry Month.  For fun, and in honor of great poetry the world over, I’ll provide a writing prompt each day.  Feel free to respond to the prompt, or ignore it if it doesn’t suit you.  The goal here is to write a little every day, if for no other reason than to experience the joy of writing.  I imagine that not every prompt will inspire a full poem, but like Natalie Goldberg espouses, we’re going to write for the practice of writing.

Feel free to participate in any way that you would like.  Poets.org offers a variety of activities, including a Poem-a-day.  On April 18th, thousands of people will celebrate poetry by carrying around a favorite poem in their pocket.  For more information and for more ideas, visit: http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/41

So let’s make the most of this month by creating our own bodies of work in celebration of poetry!