Prompt #25: Totally Retro

Prompt #25: Totally Retro

The Southeast Review runs a pretty amazing Writers Regimen twice a year.  For $15, subscribers get a cool batch of daily writing prompts, links to podcasts, riff words to play with, reading SERexercises, etc.  I’ve participated for several years and have never regretted it.  The subscription has allowed the journal to continue, despite several years of budget constraints from the university.  Not to mention, the subscribers get to participate with other poets and writers from around the country.  I wanted to share a sample of the Regimen, without giving too much away—after all, that program works hard to keep the Regimen going each year.

Totally Retro —

Ezra Pound might encourage us to “Make it new,” but there’s something to be said for revisiting the past and discovering the wonders it contains. There’s a reason (beyond pure profit) popular movies get remade, wonderful old TV shows become new movies, and people will never stop rewriting fairy tales. Take this opportunity to revisit something from your past (go further back if you prefer) and give it new life through your writing. Rehash a memorable event, retell a story you once heard, rewrite someone else’s work to give it the ending you would have preferred: the point is to explore the past and practice your skills in reclaiming this as your own


Taking my own advice and Eating it…

It’s about time I took my own advice.  I love that Natalie Goldberg talks about Writing Practice in the same way as Yogis.  And while I love to read about ‘practice,’ and I make lovely plans to practice, I often neglect the actual “DO” part of the equation.

This February, in a tiny love-letter to self, I’m following the Writers Regimen sponsored by the Southeast Review.  The thirty-day effort is an awesome way to stretch my very lax muscles, but I don’t want to give their prompts away.  For a $15 subscription fee, they send me an email once a day that includes all kinds of neat writing inspiration… here–you can visit yourself:

But I would like to share some works in progress without revealing too much behind the various prompts.  If you, too, are a participant, I’d love to hear from you and see other items inspired by the program.  In the meantime, I have some short goals for the month:

1. Write Everyday

2. Blog Once a Week

So Here’s a poem

The Bookshelf

The worn and warped shelves
have borne witness to the heavy gestalts
of my life.  The sagging planks
force tombs shoulder to shoulder,
carrion crows of my tragedies,
chotkes of the day-to-day detritus.
dust conceals the filigree tracery
of my dragging finger along the edges,
as I contemplate my next choice.
The shelves are too narrow to house all
the questions of my heart.