about April

April Pameticky moved to Wichita in 2003 and got swept up in the Wichita Vortex.

The mother of two shares time between her high school English classroom and the burgeoning creative community of artists and writers in Kansas.  She facilitated the Wichita Broadside Project 2017 and currently serves as editor of River City Poetry, an online poetry journal.  She also co-edits Voices of Kansas, a regional anthology of work from school-aged children across the state.  Her own work can be seen in journals like Malpais Review, KONZA, and Chiron Review.  Her chapbooks, Sand River and Other Places I’ve Been (Finishing Line Press) and Anatomy of a Sea Star, (Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press) are available upon request. For a more complete list, go here.


Pameticky’s work is rooted in image and texture as opposed to syntax and meter.  Sometimes readers expect poetry to transcend the mundane, but she argues that the exquisite ordinary is poetry.  As both poet and educator, she explores the moment and captures the resonance of independent and discrete sections of time.  Poetry should be accessible, and poets that communicate from a place of condescension find that attitude translated into the work.  Poetry should express sentiment without sentimentality.  Think Poem as Artifact and Poet as Witness.

She is always interested in pursuing more collaborative relationships, exchanging the power of visual work with text and vice versa.

“Nothing is what you expect it to be in the places that April Pameticky has been.  And yet, after she reveals the truth of things, you say to yourself, “of course.”

–Michele Battiste, Ink for an Odd Cartography and Uprising.

“Pameticky’s poetry vibrates with wit, intelligence, and a lively lyric voice given to stunning turns of phrase and wry observation.”

–John Jenkinson, Rebekah Orders Lasagna

A sample of April Pameticky’s Poetry

Follow the link for more information to request this poet to facilitate poetry workshops on a variety of topics.

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