all about April…

I live and love in Wichita, Kansas.  I write, read, teach, and attempt to raise my children, all while staying happily married for over a decade.  This site is a little like a closet where all kinds of junk gets thrown.  I’ll post excerpts from my work, bad writing advice, journal-y notes that talk about details of my life only I would care about, and occasionally something useful and/or entertaining is bound to crop up. 

I have an eclectic sense of taste and space.  Expect to see Young Adult reads mixed in with Poetry and Romance (I will be sure to specify the difference *wink), links to my favorite sites travelling on the web, and excerpts from my own writing.  I will limit pontification as much as possible, and I’ll make every effort to keep my sense of humor in tact.  I hope to be at least moderately entertaining, and while I may make a sales pitch or two, or I will warn you before hand.

Feel free to click on the links above to find posts particular to what interests you.  I am working on a variety of projects at any given time, but life gets crazy (as a well-lived one should!), and so things don’t unfold in the time-frame I intend.

For news on my various Poetry Projects, click Poetry Efforts.

And for writing blah blahs and whatevers… click Personal Notes and Writing.


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