April Pameticky is proud to announce she’ll be joining a full roster of talented writers for the 2019 Kansas Authors Club Convention here in Wichita, Kansas  OCTOBER 4-6!



This is an excellent opportunity to network and meet other writers, and to HONE your CRAFT!


For the full schedule: kac_brochureaug2019

and to register for the convention,
visit the KAC Weebly.


Discovering Yourself as Poet:  Explore forms and modern meter to discover your own voice.  Find power in expression and imagery.  Learn about common poetic practices that foster creativity.

Letting Poetry Inform Your Prose: How could the poetic lens inform your writing? Are there ways of training the ear and eye to better turn a narrative line? Sonya Chung, teacher and blogger, writes “Fiction is a Trudge, Poetry is a Dance” and that good literary fiction is “language-rich, language-precise, language-driven.” Is she right? We’ll explore some common poetry techniques that translate well into a variety of written forms, including memoir and long-form fiction.

Poet as Farmer–how journaling plants seeds of Creativity: whether you ascribe to Natalie Goldberg’s Zen daily practice, or Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way, journaling can be an incredibly productive tool.  But how do writers get started?  Are prompts part of the process?   What of word lists?  When do you know that a seed might be ready for harvest?

Unable to make it to this year’s convention, but still want to connect with Wichita Poets?  Join us for our Community Poetry Workshop on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Advanced Learning Library, 711 W. 2nd, Yellow Collaboration room, 2nd Floor.  Each workshop is designed for all skill-levels, with a mini-craft lesson and time for workshopping your own poem.  Co-facilitated with poet Raylyn Clacher, the group is specifically designed to provide the feedback writers are looking for, whether that’s close critical reading, or more encouragement for strengths.  Join us each month for poetry and conversation.