Chapbook Reviews


Chapbook: chapter book, usually in reference to a small collection of poetry, typically 20-40 poems; booklets. Historically, circulated by chapmen during the advent of the printing press.

We at River City Poetry believe that the small chapbook is a golden moment, a little snippet of the poet’s inner workings, an art form both concise and dense.  And unfortunately, these little treasuries don’t always get the attention they deserve.  Often circulated by hand by the poet’s themselves, they’re typically small-press runs of less than 200 and often the result of winning a contest.

But not always.

Sometimes they’re the trial run of a poet, the first quiet, unsung endeavor to put our work in the hands of someone else.  And that deserves notice.  The smallness, the very brevity of the effort means that readers get a taste of what the poet has to offer in bite-size, single-serving chunks.  And we’d like to celebrate that occasion with reviews of those fleeting chapbooks.

If you would like us to consider reviewing your chapbook published withing the last two years, please query rivercitypoetrysubmissions [@] gmail [.] com

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