Made Myself Mythical*

From  “Daffodil” by Florence + The Machine
by April Pameticky

In the springtime, you will roll in new bloom grass 
until your body is covered in itches and chigger bites,

Your clothes will be stained red-dirt brown 
and smeared with green streaks,

You will lie in the starlight,
count the constellations you know, 

name the ones you don’t, 
bask in moonlight and cicadas.

You will grow and push past your skin, 
sluff away winter’s cells, 

wash the mud from your mouth,
admire the delicate transparency of your wings.

When you stand, your feet will grasp in the way of hands, 
pull blooms from stems, 

feed your hunger and your empty hull 
and you will love the saccharine sting of bitter smiles,

and bash in the heads of your enemies that walk silently inside you.

*this is the line that inspired the poem

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