Wichita.  We’re a rich and diverse community.  Often overlooked as fly-over country here in the middle of the United States, we pride ourselves on minding our own business and welcoming strangers with a smile.  We’re a city of cowboys and airplanes and the Arkansas River—of tribal pow wows, spillover jazz, and wind that never stops blowing.  We’re a city of contradictions, too big to be just a town, too small at times for our own ambitions.

Some poets are just passing through.  Others intend to travel on and instead find themselves, somehow decades later, content to survive the weather each year.

In our inaugural issue, we at River City Poetry intend to start as we mean to go on… celebrating that strange confluence where poetry meets life.  And where writers have been known to gather, on accident or otherwise, to the betterment of us all.

It’s a rare and beautiful opportunity to share poets of this caliber in the same package.  We thank you, the new reader, for taking time to explore our Summer Sampler 2017.

We are delighted to bring 3 poems from each.  If you prefer, a PDF document of the Summer Sampler issue is also available at the bottom of the list.

Michele Battiste

Roy Beckemeyer

Raylyn Clacher

Kyle Laws

Kevin Rabas

Art Zilleruelo

PDF: RCP Summer Sampler 2017

April Pameticky, Editor, River City Poetry