Kevin Rabas

The Shouting Incident

Our admin yells at a student admin downstairs,
    and the volleys of emails, like shellings, begin,
the explanations, the summaries of the incident,
    the demands and calls for reprimand. Evenings,
I sleep too long, nurse a new lump
    along the back of my head; stress, I think;
and when dawn comes, I imagine white doves, lifting,
    fluttering home, carrying olive branches
to people we hardly know.
For Lisa, a Valentine

You grasped my hand,
and we took
to the icy sidewalk
on our way
from your city apartment
to Barnes & Noble,
the plaza holiday lights
like fireflies—
that candle night, blink
love signals
across an indigo sky,
like my eyes flash
when I catch yours,
hold sight.
Grocery, Between Stops

I go to the grocery store,
    get a green pepper and one that’s orange,
little boiling onions, pineapple chunks in a can,
    and ask if Reebles has kabob sticks,
and the lady with the machine in her hands
    says yes, leads me.
I browse around the pre-made meals;
    vegan, I find three-bean salad among the meat
and potatoes, and take the vinegary mix,
    which drips in my car,
near the stick and on the seat,
    and I pop the trunk, pull
a beach towel out
    and wipe the drops. It’s like
being an adjunct
    again, eating between stops.
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Kevin Rabas teaches at Emporia State University, where he leads the poetry and playwriting tracks. He has seven books, including Lisa’s Flying Electric Piano, a Kansas Notable Book and Nelson Poetry Book Award winner. He currently serves as the Poet Laureate of Kansas.