WBP Archive 2017 & 2020

For our final installment of the Wichita Broadside Project, we bring you two pieces from the collaborating pair of poet Julie Ann Baker Brin and artist Leslie A. Williams:

To download a full-color PDF of Cloud Comingling, go Here

Cloud Comingling October

To download a full-color PDF of Flourishing, go Here.


September has blown into Kansas with a cool wind smelling of ash.  We have three selections for our September selection.  While we are no longer taking submissions for the Wichita Broadside Project, we are excited that we’ll have an unexpected October duo to follow up this group for September.

“It’s Free” is a collaboration between Poet C.A. Lemont and Artist Martha Wherry.  While the following JPG file is great for sharing on social media, for a full-color-saturated PDF version, download Here.

It's Free

Our second selection for a cool September read is a collaboration between Poet Roy Beckemeyer and artist Malissa Long.  For the PDF version, download Here.

Our Love is Stratigraphic

And our 3rd and final installment to our September trio is a collaboration between poet Julie Ann Baker Brin and artist Skyler Lovelace.  Download Here for the full PDF Version.

We Are

For August, we’d like to share “Festival Costume,” a collaboration between artist Barbara Webster-Haynes and poet Skyler Lovelace.


Do download the full PDF, click Here

Our second August selection is with artist Martha Wherry and poet Julie Ann Baker Brin: “ICT Outbound”

ICT Outbound

To download the full PDF, click Here.

The mission of River City Poetry is to celebrate local, regional, and national poets.  If we can provide poets with inspiration and opportunity to work in new and innovative ways, that’s even better!  And what better way to inspire than to pair poets and text-based artists with visual artists from around the Wichita area?

Partnering with Harvester Arts and the Wichita Arts Council, we’ve formed The Wichita Broadside Project.

Broadsides are inexpensive graphic/text based digital prints that are traditionally distributed in public places.  These have ranged the gamut from political proclamations to punk band parties.  But they’ve also been done in major cities as a way of sharing art and poetry.  These Broadsides would be “Art & Poetry for Public Consumption.”  We want Wichita Artists and Poets to celebrate the creative community by collaborating on new pieces that would become broadsides.

Broadsides would normally be posted and shared in Wichita at various locations with heavy foot-traffic.  But right now, and in the midst of COVID19, our community is going fully digital.  We welcome the challenges this new aspect brings to our collaborations.  Each month, we’ll be celebrating and circulating 2-3 of these new broadsides across various media platforms.  We also want to encourage folks to feel free to print out these broadsides and hang them in their own work-spaces!

The June 2020 Installment of the Wichita Broadside Project:

Congratulations to Artist Brittany Schaar on her work Eternal Spring, and poet Julie Ann Baker Brin’s poem “All Time Exists at Once.”  Together, we’re calling this collaboration Spring.

June All Time Exists at Once JPG

And congratulations to Poet Robert L. Dean, Jr and artist Skyler Lovelace on their collaboration, Cicadas.

June Cicadas

The May 2020 Installment of the Wichita Broadside Project:

Congratulations to Artist Honeybee O’Gee & Poet Julie Ann Baker Brin on their collaboration Blind Contour.

Blind Contour JPG

And congratulations to Fiber Artist Malissa Long Wilson & Poet April Pameticky on Shelter.

Shelter JPG

The Wichita Broadside Project April 2020

Congratulations to Poet Julie Ann Baker Brin and Artist Skyler Lovelace on the collaboration, Writer’s Block Haiku.

Writer's Block Haiku

We’d also like to congratulate Skyler again, this time as the Poet for the work Sunflower, with Artist Barbara Webster-Haynes.

Sunflower JPG

DEADLINE Revolving! End of Each Month, April – August


We are looking for dynamic collaborations between Wichita Poets and Artists.  Final selections will be made by a review panel consisting of members of Harvester Arts and River City Poetry.  Partnerships selected will receive proof sets and distribution materials, along with a public viewing at

Broadsides should be submitted with the following technical specifications:

Files should be made 9 x 12  & include crop marks with at least an 1/8″ bleed (will be cut to 8.5 x 11)
300 dpi resolution (if made in photoshop)

All files need t contain one of the logo watermark designs.  Visit the Submittable link to access watermark designs.  You may change the opacity, add a color overlay, and tweak the logo files as necessary to fit your design as long as all logos remain legible
convert all fonts to outlines (if made in Illustrator or InDesign)
submit as pdf
expect that there will be some color shift, files should be prepped in CMYK