Prompt #5: Still Life

Prompts in honor of National Poetry Month…
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Prompt #5: Still Life

untitledA still-life Poem.
Take an ordinary object in your home, perhaps your favorite coffee mug.  Spend some time studying that object—does it fit in your hand? feel cool or smooth to the touch?  What’s the daily journey of that object?

3 thoughts on “Prompt #5: Still Life

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    i will do this … i pray i’ll find the object under surveillance dreams, or even desires … tony

  2. AprilinWichita says:

    It took me most of the day to finally germinate the nugget of a poem. What’s more ordinary than “Dirt and Grit?” Okay, the dirt and grit was an accident at first—things started here with a plastic ice cream sundae display I saw yesterday combined with a hand brush in my bathroom today. Nothing is ever quite as I would plan.

    Red Leatherette Booth

    In the diner, resting in the center
    of the plastic molds designed to
    entice, a sundae, fudge dribbling
    down, pecans shiny, crevasses
    collecting dust and grit. My mind
    is smoothly still magenta skies
    trapped in a red leatherette booth.

    Later, the bristles of the brush
    softly scrub against the skin of my
    fingers, moves dust and grit back
    and forth around my cuticles,
    under my nails. I splash water up
    onto the mirror and I blink purple
    tears of mascara onto gray
    granite countertops.

    The particle board frame painted
    matte black needs dusting, grit
    marring his face through the glass,
    though I can see his teeth smiling
    through my reflection, expression
    saffron joy despite cracks in the
    leatherette booth behind him
    while he eats some ice cream treat.

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