March Prompts & Getting Work Published

Feel free to explore the PDF File of our March Community Writing Workshop. I tried to put together a ‘starter-kit’ of things to know about publishing, regardless of the genre. I do NOT pretend to truly understand the markets for various formats. Having focused deeply in the poetry world, there are some distinct differences. The one thing I would ask any new writer to consider–just WHO do you want to read your work? That guiding question can help you identify that ideal audience and move you in a direction that focuses on your true goals and outcomes.

But as a general understanding, here are 3 things I wish someone had said to me when I started this journey:

  1. Write the thing YOU want to read
  2. Accept that the thing YOU love may not have a MARKET… or it may be a challenge to ‘find’ your market
  3. There is a BIG difference between getting paid for your work and having people read and interact with your work.

These aren’t complex ideas or even anything unique. But these are my guiding principles. Every time I start a new piece, I try to stay away from ‘where’ I think I’ll place the piece and instead focus in on what I want to see in the work. Frankly I could spend thousands of words talking about the distinction between the two and making the case for authenticity, but there are certainly cases and times where it financially makes MORE sense to focus on what sells. And there are better resources than me. Here are a few–

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