Interviewed by The Shocker, WSU’s alumni magazine:

“Mirror” –poem, April 1998: Northern Oklahoma Writer’s Guild monthly newsletter.  The current incarnation has blended with The Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

“Mirror” –poem
“It’s My Birthday” –poem
“The Closet” –poem, Spring 1998: Salt Fork Anthology, the literary journal of Northern Oklahoma College, which is now an e-anthology known as The Salt Fork Review.

“Wednesday in April” –short fiction, April 2004: Zaum v 8, the literary journal of Sonoma State University, which is now an e-anthology at . Older print volumes are not currently archived online.

“Afternoon at the Donut Whole” –poem, August 2010: Naked City, an art/pop culture monthly magazine focusing on local music, art, businesses, etc of Wichita.

“On the Question of Time and Space” –poem
“Shadow’s Hand” –poem, February 2011: Poetic Justice Chapbook v 3, Wichita coffee shop and café that sponsored a quarterly chapbook of local artists and poets.

“Skipping Stones” –poem
“On the Question of Time and Space” –poem, Spring 2011: Mikrokosmos, the art and literary journal of Wichita State University:

“Teachering Manifesto” –poem, June 2011: PoetryFortheMasses: traditionally a broadside publication that is circulated nationally; now has e-version with digital archives at

“Nineteen” –poem, Summer 2011: Chiron Review, national circulation newspaper of poetry and prose currently under transition:

“It Started One Morning on a Bridge” –poem, Fall 2011: Naked City, see note above

“She Waits in Snow-Filled Lanes” –poem, Kansas Writers Association 2011 Poetry and Prose Contest, Honorable Mention and publication in the contest anthology [Spring 2012]

“Heated Summer” –poem
“You Do Not Write Poems about Rhinoseri” –poem, Spring 2012: Kansas Creative Quarterly: e-magazine celebrating creative and handmade crafts of Kansas, now known simply as the Kansas Creative:

“V at PJ’s” –poem, May 2013: Epiphany, an art, poetry, and prose internet compilation:

“Bug-eating”—poem, Fall 2013, Honorable Mention, Whispering Prairie Press, Kansas City Voices.


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