Prompt #10: Keeper Image

Thank you for visiting in honor of National Poetry Month.  It is my hope that through this month, you’ve set time aside to let your creativity flow… maybe even in poem form.
This image is as familiar to many Wichitans as their own front doors.  The Keeper of the Plains stands at the joining of two rivers, the flames lit each night in ceremony and celebration.  I frequently use images to inspire my work and have even dug up photos of people that remind me of characters from my own stories.  If you’ve never simply Googled “best landscape photography,” you are missing out!
Use the following image of the Keeper of the Plains to write a poem.  Feel free to either email me your response [] or leave a poem in the comment section below.

Prompt #10: Keeper of the Plains

keeper and flames

One thought on “Prompt #10: Keeper Image

  1. AprilinWichita says:

    My poems keep getting shorter! Here’s my attempt for this one:

    Night at the Keeper

    There was that time we
    stooped, shivering in our
    fluffy down jackets, my
    bottom inches above the
    cement steps beneath us,
    the chill aura seeping past
    my layers, too cold to sit
    all the way down, stooping
    and waiting for the flames
    to ignite, burn and climb
    in sheer orange glory, the
    reflection spread over the
    black waters, your arm
    wrapped tight around me,
    knocking me off balance,
    only to land ungracefully
    in a frigid sprawl just as
    the fire lit up the night sky.

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