Welcome to the 9th day of writing poems together! Are you enjoying yourself?  Speaking only for myself, I have really enjoyed looking around for other prompts than just my own.  If you find a particular prompt that you like, and you would like to share it with us, please feel free to do so in the comment section.  Writers are always looking for new inspiration.

On another note, The Wichita Sexual Assault Center is hosting a poetry slam on April 17th  in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, at the Anna Murdoc Cafe from 7 to 9.  As soon as more information becomes available, I will post it here on the blog, with links to the appropriate sites.

So without further ado…

Prompts in honor of National Poetry Month…
feel free to share poems via email or in the comment section below.

Prompt #9: Scent Memory

I have an extremely sensitive nose.  I can walk into a room and the aroma will unexpectedly take me back in time to some memory from childhood.  Dollar bills smell like the roller rink to me.  Explore your sense of smell in a poem.