Prompt #8: Tweet-a-Poem

If you would like, you may email your responses directly to me at, or leave your efforts in the comment section below each day’s prompt.  I would be happy to share work and links back to bloggers and poets that have decided to participate.
Many of you may already have a poem or piece that fits the prompt, but try to write and share something new.  Flex muscles.  Write.  You can always revise later.
As a special concession for today’s poetry prompt, AND if you have a Twitter account, let’s share our work via that social media platform.  You can share your Twitter name in the comment section.  I want to encourage you to use #tweetapoem so that we can find our various poetic options.
Don’t have a twitter account? No worries–you have two options:
1. Create a Twitter account. It’s fun and easy:
2. Simply play with the idea of the limited form, the quick and fast splurge of words.

Prompt #8: Tweet-a-Poem

Let’s try a twitter poem—either a single flash poem of
140 characters OR a series of stanzas of 140 characters each.  Subject of your choosing.

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