Prompt #7: Poetry of Place

You may email your responses directly to me at, or leave your efforts in the comment section below each day’s prompt.  I would be happy to share work and links back to bloggers and poets that have decided to participate.
Many of you may already have a poem or piece that fits the prompt, but try to write and share something new.  Flex muscles.  Write.  You can always revise later.

Prompt #7: Poetry of Place

I love poems about place, poems that dig deep to describe the aura, the feel, of a time and space.  The irony is that wepoemcrazy always occupy space and rarely pay attention to it.  Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, in Poemcrazy, talks about encouraging her poetry students to go for long walks and just “collect words.”  These collections then become the seeds of poems, but it takes that discerning ear and eye.

Pick a place and try to stay away from an extraordinary place in your memory.  Focus in on the mundane instead, the blasé, your office cubicle or the interior of your car.  Describe it as if it were the most fabulous vacation destination… or go the other direction and describe it as a little tortuous corner of hell.

But flex those ‘poetry’ muscles.

Now shhhh, I’ve got to do this for myself.

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