Prompt # 18: Form

Prompt# 18: Form

Recently someone asked me how to become a poet.  I answered honestly: I have no idea.  I just started writing.  Then I read.  Then I thought about what I had read.  Then I read some more. And finally I went back to writing.

I realize that there are ‘rules’ to writing poems and a demonstrable respect for words.  However, most modern poetry in the U.S., and probably written by those having fun with these prompts, does not follow traditional form.  So with that in mind, and to flex our sometimes unused poetry muscles, let’s write a poem using a traditional form.

Having trouble remembering those rules?  Click here:

The Pantoum, sestina, and villanelle all provide interesting avenues for exploration, especially if you consider yourself a free-verse poet.  Structure can provide boundaries to language.  Follow the link for a more complete guide to various forms and select one that you’ve never tried before.  Rather than prompt you with content, I encourage you to find a form for today.

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